Kit cars are the epitome of individuality, after all they are quite often one of one. But insuring a vehicle built by yourself has its problems. Whether you are getting a donor car or building your kit car part by part our guide to Car Insurance for Kit Cars will go over the main factors to consider when insuring this type of vehicle.

What is a Kit Car

A Kit Car is a highly personalized component vehicle. Manufacturers will sell all the components for a vehicle, and the buyer then assembles them into a functioning car. This allows for not only a lot of personalization, but it can also allow drivers to build vehicles from small car manufacturers who might not have approached specific markets or perhaps don’t have an assembly line.

The United Kingdom has a thriving Kit Car community with hundreds of kit car clubs. So if you’re into hot rods and racing cars, and fancy your chances at building one for yourself, you are not alone.

Can I legally drive my kit car on the road?

Once completed, kit cars are just like any vehicle. You can legally drive your kit car on UK roads, but first, the vehicle must pass the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) test. Kit cars fit into the Basic IVA test, which involves a visual inspection among other tests to ensure the vehicle meets all required road standards.

How can I insure a kit car?

Because kit cars aren’t built by a recognised car manufacturer you won’t be able to insure them through a standard car insurer. You will need a specialist insurance company that recognizes the differences in this type of vehicle and knows the best way to protect your prized vehicle.

Finding the correct car insurance for kit cars can be more difficult than regular cars, but it’s important that you do your due diligence and find an insurance specialist who knows what they are doing when insuring kit cars.

Types of Kit Car insurance

There are two main types of kit car insurance:

During Build

It is important to insure your kit car at all stages of the process. During the build, insurance protects your kit car parts from theft and any mishaps. Build up insurance will cover your parts against fire, theft, and any accidental damage during the build.

When it’s Built

This is the insurance policy you need when your car has been built and is ready to hit the road. This is similar to car insurance, so you will have options o

Track/ Rally day cover

If you want to drive your kit car on a track or even competitively you will need this in your policy. Track day cover is a type of insurance add-on that protects your vehicle if you want to drive it on a track as this type of driving brings on different risks you need to be protected against.

How to reduce the price of Kit Car insurance

Multi-vehicle insurance policy

Multi-car insurance is a flexible policy that allows drivers to insure multiple vehicles under one policy with one renewal date. Many kit car owners will also own a day to day car so it makes sense to insure them together.

This type of policy can also reduce your insurance cost because you get multi vehicle discounts for every car you add to the policy!

Find out more about our multi car insurance policies here

Limit your Mileage

The less you or other policyholders travel in their cars, the less you’ll pay. Insurers will see you as less of a risk because you’re not on the road as much. A lot of Kit Car drivers use it as a weekend car or only take it out on track/ race days.

But make sure you dont underestimate your mileage. This could end up paying a fine or your policy could be invalidated.

Pay annually

Paying annually instead of monthly removes the interest added from lenders. However, we recognise that paying annually is a big ask, so don’t worry if you can’t.

Three Castles Kit Car insurance

Three Castles we don’t believe an ‘off-the-shelf’ insurance policy is the right strategy.

Kit cars are very personal vehicles that require a personal touch. We believe in adding the human element to insurance. We’re not just protecting your car, we’re protecting something very personal to you.

At Three Castles Cover, we take the time to listen to our customers’ lifestyles, so we can understand their driving habits. We also consider the time and money spent building your kit car in the valuation process. We’d then scour our database to and tailor our customers’ insurance policies around their needs.

If you would like to see how we can tailor your Car Insurance for Kit Cars in the UK, just give us a call on 03300 948 781 and have your personal details ready.