Making Insurance Quotes easy

We want to provide you with the right car insurance at the right price. But that doesn’t always mean the cheapest. Our dedicated team of experts will create a bespoke insurance policy based on your unique circumstances.

Our team’s ethos is focused on providing value and getting the right cover for our customers. You can’t find this kind of service on price comparison sites.

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  • REG plate/plates.

  • Annual Mileage. 

  • Car’s value.

How can I get insurance cheaper?

Car insurance is expensive and getting the cover unique to your circumstances is even harder. Comparing prices with us is the easiest way you can save money on your premiums and possibly get cheap car insurance. With our team of industry leading experts, we can build your unique and flexible insurance cover, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

But there are ways you can keep your insurance premiums down:

Paying your insurance premium up-front works out cheaper than paying it monthly. 

Alarms and immobilisers reduce theft risk. Look for Thatcham-approved devices; they’re more likely to be recognised by insurers.

Try not to make too many changes to your car – you’ll end up paying extra to cover the cost of repairs or replacement

The lower your mileage the less you’ll pay. But don’t underestimate your mileage – it’ll invalidate your insurance.

Blue volvo parked outside, insured by Three Castles Cover

What cover do I need?

You are legally required to have car insurance. But you still have the opportunity to choose the policy that suits your unique circumstances.

Getting the right cover depends on your circumstances. But don’t pick the cheapest cover – the best car insurance is one that’s affordable and covers what you need.

By law, everyone has to have third party only (TPO) to legally drive in the United Kingdom. TPO will cover other people and their vehicles (third party) when you’re responsible for causing harm or damage to them or their vehicle.

  • Insurance is all about peace of mind and when it comes to car insurance, comprehensive car insurance is the highest level of cover you can get.  But buying insurance is a very personal process that involves weighing up the financial impacts a policy will have. But considering fully comprehensive cover isn’t the most expensive policy, it’s worth considering. 
  • However, all policies are different.  Speak to our team of experts and we’ll ensure you get the right cover, at the right price.
  • Third party, fire and theft (TPFT) covers you if you are responsible for damage or harm to people, passengers or their property because of your driving. 
  • Your car is also covered if it gets stolen or damaged by fire. 
  • However, if you’re responsible for an accident, you will not be covered by TPFT for any medical costs or repairs to your vehicle – you’ll have to cover those financial costs by yourself.
  • Third party only (TPO) is the most basic level of insurance cover you can get and it’s the lowest form required  to legally drive.
  • As a standalone product, third party car insurance will only cover you for damage or harm to other passengers and people if you’re found responsible for the accident. 
  • If you drive without insurance, you can be fined and have points added to you licence. Further legal actions may be taken against you as you could be taken to court.  As a result of breaking the law, getting insurance on your vehicles will be difficult. 
  • But don’t worry. Our team is accustomed in finding the best policies for individuals with complex backgrounds; just give us a call,

For more information on how we can provide you with the best car insurance quote, contact our team of experts on:  03300 948 781.


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