Classic Car Insurance

Three Castles’ Classic Car Insurance

If you love classic cars, you definitely understand their unique appeal. Classic or vintage cars are more than just a hobby or passion, which is why they often require specialist insurance policies that can fully protect them against third party damage, theft and fire.

If you own a classic car, then you could receive reductions on your policy price. For example:

  • Customers we’ve insured usually have a lower mileage on their car ( although this will need to be confirmed).

  • Most people who drive and collect classic cars take care of them and maintain them to a high standard. They’re also stored in a secured location within their property.


Unlike comparison sites, as the insurance broker we will ensure that your policy is consolidated by one insurance provider – us.

So you can reach out to us if you want any amendments on your policy or if you want to add another car in your policy.

multiple classic cars insured by three castles
Classic car insured by Three Castles Classic car Insurance.

What counts as a Classic Car?

All pre-1960 cars are exempt from road tax but there are many other factors that go into determining if a car is classic or not.

  • In the UK there is no definitive age group a classic car has to fit in to be deemed classic. But for insurance policies a classic car has to be a car that’s older than 15 years.

  • These types of cars are often called ‘modern classics’ and can still be determined as a classic, despite their age. For example 1989 Volkswagen Golf GTI. would be deemed as classic.

Types of Insurance cover we offer for Classic cars

Insurance is all about peace of mind and when it comes to car insurance, comprehensive car insurance is the highest level of cover you can get. Getting the right protection for your classic car is important. As a highly precious motor it deserves the right cover to ensure that if any harm were to come to it or its passengers, everything could be covered by the insurance.

TPFT covers you if you are responsible for damage or harm to people, passengers or their property because of your driving. 

TPO insurance protects other people, vehicles or property in the event of an accident, but not your own. As the baseline insurance policy available, we strongly recommend you consider other types of insurance policies because it offers your highly valuable and personal car little protection.

Types of Classic car brands we’ve insured

  • Aston Martin

  • Rolls Royce

  • Land Rover

  • Ford Model T

  • Porsche

  • Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

  • Jaguar E-Type

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Why choose us?

No matter what vintage car you drive we don’t believe in an ‘off-the-shelf’ insurance policy is the right strategy.

Classic cars are very personal vehicles that require a personal touch. We believe in adding the human element to insurance. We’re not just protecting your valuable car, we’re protecting something very personal to you.

At Three Castles Cover, we take the time to listen to our customers’ lifestyles. So we can understand their driving habits. We’d then scour our database to and tailor our customers’ insurance policy around their needs.

If you’re eager to see how we can tailor your classic car insurance in the UK, just give us a call on  03300 948 781 and have your personal details ready.

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