Kit Car Insurance

What is kit Car Insurance

Whether you bought your kit car online or built it at your garage, there’s nothing quite like driving such a unique and personal vehicle. But before you take on the road; making sure that your car is protected is important.

Some insurance providers would offer high premiums on kit cars because of the risks they may have and others might offer an ‘off the shelf’ insurance policy. But as a kit car insurance specialist within the UK, we understand the needs of kit car owners. That’s why our insurance policy can offer you:

  • Track/ Rally day cover – for all adrenaline enthusiast. This type of cover can be arranged within your policy.

  • Low mileage discounts – the fewer miles you clock, the more you can save with our low mileage discounts. But don’t underestimate your mileage as this will impact your policy.

  • Build up cover – this protects your kit car parts from theft and any mishaps. Kit cars need to be protected from the time they’re built to the time they’re ready to hit the road.

  • Goods in transit cover – we can cover you for collecting your parts and tools from manufacturers. This is extremely helpful, especially from the build phase.

  • Multi-car insurance – most kit car owners have more than one vehicle. We could cover all your other vehicles for a low premium under one policy.

  • Agreed valuation – with a kit car, market value can be difficult to determine and they’re usually undervalued by non specialists. With our team of experts we can assess the value of your car and agree to cover its true value, so you won’t get a nasty surprise if you have to file a claim.

Yellow kit car insured by Three Castles Kit Car Insurance

Trust our Expertise

  • Unlike comparison sites, as the insurance broker we will ensure that your policy is consolidated by one insurance provider – us.

  • So you can reach out to us if you want any amendments on your policy or if you want to add another car in your policy.

  • If you’ve already insured a classic car with us and you’re looking to add another, contact our team and we’ll find you the right cover for your car.

Our team is well-versed in designing insurance policies that could not only protect kit car owners. But give them a higher level of freedom on the road or the race track. Our insurance premiums are never the same. We believe in understanding our customers lifestyle and sourcing the best kit car insurance, so they can live their best life.

silver bmw kit car insured by Three Castles kit car insurance

Kit Cars we’ve insured

  • VW Beetle

  • Factory Five Racing-’33 Hot Rod

  • Caterham 7

  • Factory Five Racing-MK4 Roadster

Why choose us?

No matter what vintage car you drive we don’t believe in an ‘off-the-shelf’ insurance policy is the right strategy.

Kit cars are very personal vehicles that require a personal touch. We believe in adding the human element to insurance. We’re not just protecting your a car, we’re protecting something very personal to you.

At Three Castles Cover, we take the time to listen to our customers’ lifestyles, so we can understand their driving habits. We’d then scour our database to and tailor our customers’ insurance policy around their needs.

If you’re eager to see how we can tailor your classic car insurance in the UK, just give us a call on  03300 948 781 and have your personal details ready.

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