Motorhome insurance

What is Motorhome Insurance?

Motorhome insurance is a type of cover that’s designed for recreational vehicles (RV’s) or and motorhomes. Unlike Caravan Insurance, Motorhome insurance is a legal requirement because they’re classified as vehicles. 

With our policy cover for Motorhome we can insure things like personal possessions, so you can hit the open road knowing your vehicle and possessions are protected under one policy.

Motorhome parked up, overseeing the sunset - insured by Three Castles Motorhome Insurance

How much will Motorhome Insurance cost?

The cost of Motorhome insurance in the UK depends on the insurer you choose and the type of cover you’re looking for. At Three Castles Cover we have a team of specialists who have designed tailored Motorhome insurance quotes.

But there are other factors that will impact the cost of your insurance:

  • Your No Claims Bonus

  • Your claims history

  • The named driver or drivers

  • Where it’s stored

  • The age and model of the vehicle

What does our insurance cover?

Three Castles Cover’s team of Underwriters have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Admiral and can offer you flexible cover. Here are some examples of how our comprehensive cover can protect your Motorhome:

  • Collisions involving you and your passengers, pedestrians, or any other drivers on the road

  • Traffic accidents

  • Fire, theft and damage caused by break-ins

  • Repairing damage to your Motorhome or other vehicles

How to reduce the cost of Motorhome Insurance

There are several things that you can do now which could reduce the amount you pay for your Motorhome Insurance in the future.

Motorhomes that have security features like tracking systems are statistically at a lower risk than Motorhomes that don’t have these features. Installing these security measures could help lower your insurance quote.

Storing your Motorhome at a safe and  secure location like a home garage could lower your insurance premium because the risk of theft or fire damage is lower. 

The fewer miles you travel each year, the cheaper your insurance will be. But don’t underestimate how much you travel with your Motorhome because if you exceed the annual mileage, it could affect your policy.


Want to hit the road for your next adventure? Get a quote from our team and see how we can protect your Motorhome. Contact us on  03300 948 781.

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