What is comprehensive insurance? 

Comprehensive car insurance or fully comprehensive insurance can have dual meanings, depending on where you are in the world. 

If you’re from North America, comprehensive car insurance pays for damages to your vehicles caused by theft, fire, or hail which are not collision-related. 

If you’re from the United Kingdom, comprehensive insurance offers the highest level of protection for drivers. With this level of cover, you’ll be protected with a third party fire and theft policy but it can also protect you as a driver if you have to pay out large sums for damages caused to your car. 

What does CCI cover? Can you give specific examples of what CCI covers and why? 

Credit Consumer Credit (CCI) can help you if your ability to make a credit payment has been impacted. Particularly, CCI cover helps those that have been impacted by these circumstances: 

  • In the event of a death
  • Loss of income due to injury 
  • Permanent disability 

CCI cover can pay the outstanding amount balance you owe in either a lump sum or periodically. 

Please note, if a claim is successful, the insurance provider pays the lender directly, not the customer affected. 

You may be offered CCI cover during your insurance application if a lender approves of your credit status. It’s important you check the details of the policy before you accept them and we encourage you to look around for other policy quotes. 

How does comprehensive car insurance work? 

Ultimately this will depend on the insurance provider. However, in most cases, comprehensive car insurance can cover the full costs of repairing damages to yours or other vehicles – even if you were deemed to be at fault for the damages. Additionally, it can also cover damages where the insurance providers can’t prove who’s at fault for the damages. 

Comprehensive car insurance can come with extras if you desire them. Some of the extras are automatically added to the policy (depending on the provider) and others can be selected: 

  • Windscreen repair: 
  • Motor legal protection:
  • Breakdown cover
  • Courtesy car cover
  • Personal injury accident cover 
  • Windscreen repair 
  • Cover for personal possessions left in the vehicle 
  • Vandalism cover 
  • Child seat cover

What is the difference between comprehensive auto insurance and collision insurance? 

Collision insurance only covers damages to your vehicle if they occurred via a collision. This could include repairs or a replacement vehicle. Whilst comprehensive insurance covers non-collision related damages such as theft, fire, animal damage, and natural disasters. 

Comprehensive Coverage Collision Coverage
Non-collision damage such as:

Animal Damage 



Natural disasters

Damage to your vehicle via collision:

Collisions with object

Single car rollover accidents

Collision with another vehicle

Factors to consider 

To make sure drivers make the right choice when they’re picking their cover. They need to consider the following factors: 

Your Area: A driver’s location will have an impact on the premium they get quoted. If your vehicle is located in an area where natural disasters occur frequently, then comprehensive cover is the better choice. 

The value of your car: knowing your vehicle’s value is important. This will be a key indicator of whether a collision or comprehensive insurance is better for you. The higher the value of your vehicle, the more you will be obligated to protect it by leasing companies or dealerships. 

Current Savings: If your car was stolen or damaged by fire, could you pay for it from your savings? Having a rainy day fund could be important for you if you choose collision insurance. Likewise, could you replace your vehicle or repair damages if you don’t include collision damage in your policy? 

Risk of an accident: Think about how far and often you commute? Which cover will be best for you based on the areas you drive through?

What’s your take on comprehensive auto insurance? Like it or not for the average driver? Why or why not?

At Three Castles Cover, we’re passionate about finding the right cover at the right price for our customers. We understand that insurance is extremely personal and therefore, requires a personal touch. That’s why we think that comprehensive insurance depends on the individual. 

We think comprehensive auto insurance should be at the forefront of all drivers. By protecting your vehicles to their highest capabilities, you’re not only protecting yourself from damages done to your cars but you’re giving yourself peace of mind. That’s the most important thing because insurance is about peace of mind.