High Value Buildings Insurance


Finding the right insurance policy for your high net worth properties can be very difficult. Three Castles High Value Buildings Insurance offers bespoke, unlimited buildings cover on your properties, giving you the assurance that your home’s protected.

What Qualifies as Building Insurance?

Building insurance relates to the costs of repairing or rebuilding essential fixtures and fittings in your home. Buildings insurance usually cover repairs caused by:

  • Fire, flooding and storms
  • Frozen or burst pipes
  • Structural damage
  • Falling trees, lamp posts or satellite dishes
  • Accidental damage
  • Vehicle collisions

Quite often outside fittings like garages, sheds and fences are also covered by buildings insurance. On the other hand, building insurance does not cover damage related to:

  • Wear and tear of the property
  • Damage caused by neglecting your property
  • Poor workmanship
  • Damage caused by insects, birds or other pests
Sea front property surrounded by palm trees used to describe our buil;dings insurance

Who would need High Value Buildings Insurance?

  • If you own a high net worth property, it is important that your insurance policy reflects its value. When ensuring a luxury building, homeowners need to consider the rebuild cost of the property in case of damage.

  • If standard home insurance providers won’t cover that amount then you will need specialist cover.

Three Castles High Value Buildings Insurance

Three Castles understands the nuances of insuring high net worth properties. 

This Policy offers:

  • Unlimited buildings cover- Guaranteeing the full rebuild cost of any accidental damage. This removes the risk of under insurance, giving you the peace of mind that whatever the damage, your building and fittings will be completely covered.

  • Multi-Cover Policy- Combining  state of the art technology with multiple data sources we can build a flexible insurance package which covers your motor, pet and travel insurance in one easy to access policy

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