High Value Contents Insurance


It is often quite easy to under estimate the value of our home contents. If you own an expensive watch or even any high spec mobile phone, it’s important to invest in a policy that will correctly cover all your assets. Three Castles Cover offers complete contents insurance so that all your prized possessions will be safe, regardless of their cost.

What Qualifies as High Value Contents Insurance?

It is surprising how often people don’t truly understand the limits of their home insurance policies. Standard content insurers usually have a ‘single item limit. This dictates how much they will pay if something is to happen to one of your personal possessions.

This limit can be as low as £1500, so if you own any jewellery or fine art it is likely that you will need specialist home or contents insurance. Standard insurance policies can also have considerably low maximum claim limits on all valuables. This means that there could be a limit to your overall insurance payout, despite the value of the items claimed.

Not considering these restrictions when looking at insurance policies can have negative consequences if anything is to happen to your valuable items. This is especially relevant when insuring private clients. The reason for this is that the likelihood of finding high value items that exceed the standard insurance cost of replacement is very high.

A expensive picture and chandelier in a room with mausoleum used to describe our high value contents insurance

What Qualifies as a High Value Item?

You don’t need to own the most extensive wine collection or a top of the line Rolex to need high value insurance. Some items that can be considered high value include:

  • High spec gadgets such as TV’s cameras and computers

  • Jewellery such as engagement rings, precious metals or watches

  • Any fine art or collectables such as paintings, sculptures or even clothing

Three Castles High Value Contents Insurance

Our bespoke High Value Contents Insurance is the best contents insurance cover for your prized possessions.

This Policy offers:

  • Unlimited Contents Cover- giving you the reassurance that in any event your possessions will be accounted for. You need only itemise valuables worth over £20k, everything else is covered as standard.

  • Warranty-Free Worldwide Cover- This means that wherever you are in the world, you can rest assured the contents of your home are entirely covered.

  • Multi-Cover Policy- Combining  state of the art technology with multiple data sources we can build a flexible insurance package which covers your motor, pet and travel insurance in one easy to access policy

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