Listed Buildings Insurance


Purchasing a listed building can seem very exciting, but many homeowners are unaware of the complexities that go into insuring this type of property. Three Castles finds the best policy to suit your bespoke needs, so that in the case of a claim your building will be insured to the highest standards.

What qualifies as a Listed Property?

Listed buildings are a type of property that possesses special architectural or historic interest and importance. There are 585900 listed properties across the UK and each country has slightly different listed building consent.

Historic England states that the older the building is, the more likely it is to be listed and there are 3 main categories of listed property (Grade I, Grade II*, Grade II). Each grade requires a higher level of planning permission from local authority in order for changes to the made in property. Grade I is the highest, accounting only for 3% of all listed buildings in England.

Different parts of the building are considered ‘listed’ but the majority of the time the entire property’s covered by the listing. For this reason, any changes made to the property must be authorized and regulated by the local authorities.

Grade II property used to describe listed building insurance

Reasons for getting Listed Building insurance?

  • Listed properties are more difficult to insure as by law, any damage repair or renovation must use the same exact materials and techniques used originally. This is expensive and difficult to source, so homeowners will need an insurance policy that can cover all these further costs.

  • Standard home insurance doesn’t offer the same level of protection as policies specifically built to cater for buildings of special interest. Owners of listed buildings need a bespoke insurance cover that will be able to support the often high material costs and skilled craftsmanship that goes into listed building repairs.

Three Castles Listed Building Insurance

Three Castles Cover understands the nuances of insuring Listed Properties

This Policy offers:

  • Unlimited buildings cover-  guaranteeing the full rebuild cost of any accidental damage. This removes the risk of under insurance, giving you the peace of mind that whatever the damage, your building and fittings will be completely covered.

  • Unlimited Contents Cover- giving you the reassurance that in any event your possessions will be accounted for. You need only itemise valuables worth over £20k, everything else is covered as standard.

  • Multi-Cover Policy- Combining  state of the art technology with multiple data sources we can build a flexible insurance package which covers your motor, pet and travel insurance in one easy to access policy

Please contact us on 03300 948 781 or get a quote to find out more about our services.

Grade II* property used to describe listed building insurance

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