Multi-Property Insurance


We understand that managing a portfolio of properties can be a mammoth task. Our bespoke multi-property policy was built to minimise your hassle by placing all property insurance into one easy to access policy.

What is Multi Property Insurance

In simple terms a Multi Property insurance policy is a policy built for homeowners and landlords with multiple properties. Unlike a Second Home Insurance this type of policy is aimed at homeowners with 2 or more properties. This stretches from private clients with multiple holiday homes to landlords with a portfolio of properties.

The benefits of using a property portfolio insurance policy is that all your properties can be protected under one policy. This saves you the hassle of having to contact multiple insurance providers if you ever have to claim.  It also saves from confusion by having one singular renewal date for all policies, so only one day to remember.

Three Castles Cover Multi-Property insurance

Three Castles Cover Multi-Property insurance offers  flexible, all-in-one policy for all your properties. This removes the burden of lengthy applications and annual admin. Multi property policies are split into two types, multi-property insurance and multi-property landlord insurance. Therefore, whether you are a portfolio landlord or you own multiple not for rental properties, our policy will be bespoke to you.

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Multi-Property Insurance

This policy is aimed at clients with multiple not-for-rental properties, wanting to tie all their insurance into one package. The policies can be both buildings, content or comprehensive.

This Policy offers:

  • Unlimited buildings cover-  guaranteeing the full rebuild cost of any accidental damage. This removes the risk of under insurance, giving you the peace of mind that whatever the damage, your building and fittings will be completely covered.

  • Unlimited Contents Cover- giving you the reassurance that in any event your possessions will be accounted for. You need only itemise valuables worth over £20k, everything else is covered as standard.

  • Warranty-Free Worldwide Cover- This means that wherever you are in the world, you can rest assured the contents of your home are entirely covered.

  • Multi-Cover Policy- Combining  state of the art technology with multiple data sources we can build a flexible insurance package which covers your motor, pet and travel insurance in one easy to access policy

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Multi-Property Landlord Insurance

Our Multi-Property Landlord policy is aimed at protecting commercial properties. Because of this the insurance cover provided is considerably different to our other offers.

This Policy offers:

  • Unlimited buildings cover- including £5k general contents covers, giving you the reassurance that if something goes wrong in any of your buildings you won’t be left in the lurch. 

  • Legal Expenses Cover-  up to £2m landlords’ legal liability cover, so if something is to happen to your tenants and they make a claim, you can rest assured we will be there to help.

  • Loss of Rent Cover- for 12 to 24 months so if something is to happen to your property deeming it uninhabitable, your rent payments will be protected.

  • Emergencies Cover- Tenants can make use of emergency line so you don’t need to get involved.

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