Second Home Insurance


Buying a second home is a hugely exciting prospect. Whether purchasing a new home to commute from, or a holiday property for your family and friends, it’s important to make sure your second home insurance policy has all the cover it requires.

What Kind of Property Qualifies as a Second Home?

Any property owned that is not a main residence is seen as a second home. Depending on the use of the property, second homes are subdivided into holiday homes or a second home. Most of the time this type of property can’t be insured through standard home insurance policies. This is due to the increased risks it may incur.

Holiday Homes

Holiday homes are properties which are used specifically for holidays, and oftentimes are left vacant for long periods of time. Because of these vacant periods, this type of home has a different insurance risk to a main residence. Often standard insurance policies won’t cover homes that will be empty for a certain length of time, usually over 30 days.

When dealing with private clients, holiday homes often have high priced fittings and contents such as swimming pools and hot tubs. This makes it extremely important to find the right insurance policy to keep all your costly assets safe.

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Second Home

Second homes are either in the city or in the countryside. These are often for owners to commute to and from on a weekly or monthly basis. Second homes are seen as less risky to insure than holiday homes as they are used more frequently. But even so, a standard home insurance policy won’t be sufficient to protect your high value contents.

Even if this type of property is used more frequently than holiday homes it can still be attractive to burglars, more so when dealing with high value homes. It is relatively easy to identify the pattern of occupants, so your insurance policy should be able to reflect this.

Three Castles Second Home Insurance

At Three Castles we provide flexible, multi-cover policies for busy people whose property assets, possessions and lifestyle mean they need insurance tailored to their needs.

Our Policy Offers:

  • Unlimited buildings cover-  guaranteeing the full rebuild cost of any accidental damage. This removes the risk of under insurance, giving you the peace of mind that whatever the damage, your building and fittings will be completely covered.

  • Unlimited Contents Cover- giving you the reassurance that in any event your possessions will be accounted for. You need only itemise valuables worth over £20k, everything else is covered as standard.

  • Multi-Cover Policy- Combining  state of the art technology with multiple data sources we can build a flexible insurance package which covers your motor, pet and travel insurance in one easy to access policy

Please contact us on 03300 948 781 or Get a Quote to find out more about our services

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