Frequently Asked Questions

We believe it’s unfair to ask you to be an expert in these areas or to penalise you for a wrong estimate in the event of a claim. We use expert data providers to profile your risk and if we are wrong it’s our problem, not yours.

Yes, for Buildings and all items of General Contents valued at under £20,000, either individually or as a set.

Items below £20,000 do not need to be specified, items above this are fine but you need to give us some details about them.

Yes, we give you worldwide cover as standard.

No, we trust you to take the security measures you feel are appropriate.

Yes, we include Home Emergency as standard. If we are unable to repair your boiler, we will even pay £500 towards a replacement one.

Yes, you can ask your adviser to add this and he/she will upload the list into our platform.

Yes, we only ask you to specify any items valued at more than £20,000 each or as a set. For all other items, we only need their aggregate value.

Yes, we just need to know if the pool is outside or inside.

Yes, our platform will ask you a few questions about your outbuildings, beyond which we do not need any additional information from you

No, we use multiple data sources through our intelligent platform to derive these values and on which we base your premium.

No, there are no warranties in your Policy.


Worldwide contents cover as standard.

No need for any alarms, safes or special door and window locks.

Home emergency provided as standard – We’ll even give you £500 towards a new boiler if its unable to be repaired.

You can provide us with a list of your specified valuable items to save time.

All art, valuables and jewellery covered.

We cover both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

We cover all of your outbuildings and their contents.

We use expert data providers to profile your risk. If we are wrong it’s our problem not yours so you aren’t penalised in the wrong estimate of a claim.

Truly unlimited contents cover.

We’ll work out a fair rebuild value of your home for you.

A policy with no warranties.

Only items with a value over £20,000 need to be specified.