Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to certain questions we will ask you to complete a short online medical screening. We need to understand any potential issues up front to ensure any claim progresses swiftly and easily. We expect to accept 95% of all declared medical conditions.

Unless you digest the T&Cs of many ‘packaged’ travel insurance products you’ll not know their limitations and exclusions especially around undeclared medical conditions. And you may miss their requests to update your medical records. At your Archipelago annual review, however, we’ll make sure all your records are up-to-date. Our comprehensive, worldwide cover will give you complete peace of mind. And we handle any claim you might make from start to finish.

Yes, any journey departing from and returning to the UK for up to 90 days is covered under this policy. Longer trips can also be agreed.

We provide cover for UK property and assets. We do not provide cover for overseas Property or Motor in Northern Ireland or outside the UK.

No. We calculate the premiums for each risk separately, therefore a claim under your General Contents would not affect your Motor premium.

No, we do not. You can either pay by annual or monthly direct debit with no interest or penalty charges for paying monthly.

Yes, we offer discounts for two or more cars, two or more Pets and three or more Investment Properties.

We want you to be with us for the long term. From the outset we charge you a fair and sustainable premium, which should adjust marginally over time depending on the changing profiles of your risks.

Yes, depending on the total premium spent on the policy we will offer you two additional excess options, except on Travel, Pet and Windscreen which remain as standard.

Our standard excess of £500 applies to Home, Motor, Investment Property, and Travel. There is a £100 excess for a replacement windscreen and no excess for windscreen repairs. The excess on Pet cover is £100.

Your policy is fully flexible. You can add or remove risks or change the amount of cover at any time, without any admin charges. For example you can add a second vehicle or a new named driver and we will amend your monthly premium and not charge you any policy administration fees.

There is no annual renewal. However, your adviser will review your policy with you annually to make sure you are fully covered and make any policy changes. We also review the sums insured on which your premiums are calculated to ensure they remain appropriate and will then issue a revised policy schedule.

You can include extended family members and household staff by adding them as additional insured persons for the risk(s) that you choose.

When you take out a policy with Three castles you can add all your current risks at the outset including the current renewal dates. We will remind you to cancel your current policy when the renewal is due via email. The risk will automatically attach to your Three Castles policy and your schedule of payments will reflect the premium increase for the added risk.
Alternatively, you have the choice to put all your risks on cover with us by cancelling all your current policies at the outset.

Yes, if you have already agreed to purchase the General Contents and cover is scheduled to commence within 364 days of the date on which the policy commences.

The only risk that your policy must include is General Contents for your main residence.

We can insure your Buildings, General Contents, Valuables, Fine Art, Motor, Travel, Pets and Residential Investment Properties.

Yes, we will amend your monthly payments to cover this fee.

We provide cover for cats and dogs. Unfortunately we are unable to provide cover for pets of 8 years of age or older at the start of the policy.

We currently do not offer motorbike or scooter insurance. We are working with specialists in this sector with the aim of adding this to our product portfolio in the near future.

Yes, automatically for all named drivers on an insured vehicle. You will no longer have to nominate just one driver per vehicle to benefit from this.

Yes, if there are not more than five properties within the building.

Yes, simply include the company or trust as named insured.

Yes, as well as home emergency which can be activated by your tenants.

Tenants can call us and make use of home emergency line so you don’t need to get involved.

We believe it’s unfair to ask you to be an expert in these areas or to penalise you for a wrong estimate in the event of a claim. We use expert data providers to profile your risk and if we are wrong it’s our problem, not yours.

Yes, for Buildings and all items of General Contents valued at under £20,000, either individually or as a set.

Items below £20,000 do not need to be specified, items above this are fine but you need to give us some details about them.

We give you the option of £4,000, £8,000 or £12,000 of annual cover for the payment of veterinary fees

We recommend that you opt out of that as it may have less preferential terms to the cover that we provide, and also so that you only have one number to call for all of your claims.

Yes, if you are accompanied by any other individual and it is not against the recommended advice of the local authorities.

No, this would typically be covered by your employer.

Yes, automatically for anybody under the age of 75 (subject to a medical screening) and includes winter sports. Trips of up to 90 consecutive days are covered as standard and longer periods by agreement.
Cover for a person over the age of 75 will need prior agreement to them being added to the policy.

Yes, but only if your windscreen needs replacing, which is £100. If it can be repaired, there is no excess.

Yes, we provide this as standard in the UK and Europe, we provide provide you with one phone number that will be able to deal with any issues. You will be able to receive assistance accross the whole of europe and can guarantee someone will be able to come for you.

Yes, we set out to cover as many of your general insurance needs as possible and recognise this is a problem many of our clients have faced or are about to.

Yes, to all named drivers on an insured vehicle


Yes, we give you worldwide cover as standard.

No, we trust you to take the security measures you feel are appropriate.

Yes, we include Home Emergency as standard. If we are unable to repair your boiler, we will even pay £500 towards a replacement one.

Yes, you can ask your adviser to add this and he/she will upload the list into our platform.

Yes, we only ask you to specify any items valued at more than £20,000 each or as a set. For all other items, we only need their aggregate value.

Yes, we just need to know if the pool is outside or inside.

Yes, our platform will ask you a few questions about your outbuildings, beyond which we do not need any additional information from you

No, we use multiple data sources through our intelligent platform to derive these values and on which we base your premium.

No, there are no warranties in your Policy.

We make it easy for you to tell us about any potential claim. We have one dedicated number, answered straight away, for all claims (except medical emergencies abroad).
Everyone insured under your policy receives a Member’s card with contact details to use in the event of a claim.
Our dedicated claims professionals will help you quickly, sensitively and efficiently. They’ll also give you the choice to process your claim online by answering a few questions and uploading images or videos.
Unlike many other insurers, we will not penalise you for telling us about an incident that does not result in a claim.

Yes, all you need to do is give us 30 day’s notice of your intention to cancel. We can also cancel by giving you 30 day’s notice, but we are unlikely to do this except where we have not received premium from you

You have the option to cancel all your current policies with other providers and start all risks with Archipelago at the same time, alternatively you can attach each one to your Archipelago policy as they expire and come up for renewal. We suggest you provide your adviser with the current policy renewal dates, who will enter these into the Archipelago platform which then calculate how the monthly premium changes as each risk attaches over the coming 12 months

Your quotation is valid for 60 days and is based on an initial 12 month period. All the risks you would like to purchase must commence within this 12 month period for the quotation to be valid.

No minimum premiums, but you do have to purchase Contents cover in your main residence as a minimum requirement

Yes, our product is specifically designed to look after all aspects of our clients’ needs, just give us a call to let us know…

Yes, we offer tank drain and flush as part of the policy


Yes! Your pets are covered for a period of 60 days for journeys that begin and end in the UK


Off-piste skiing covered as long as you’re accompanied and it’s not against the advice of local authorities.

We expect to accept 95% of all declared medical conditions on our travel cover.

We will make sure all your records are up to date and handle any claim from start to finish, giving you peace of mind.

Worldwide travel cover and winter sports included.

Any trips departing from and returning to the UK for up to 90 days is covered – we can also agree on longer trips.

Cancel your cover at any time, just give us 7 days notice for motor and 30 days notice for the whole policy.

Premiums for each risk calculated separately, so for example, a general contents claim would not affect your motor premium.

Easily make a claim by calling one dedicated number for all claims, answered straight away (except medical emergencies abroad). Our dedicated claims professionals will help you quickly, sensitively and efficiently.

No interest charged for paying by a monthly direct debit.

Discounts for two or more cars, two or more pets and three or more investment properties.

A fair and sustainable premium from the outset, ensuring no substantial increase after your first annual policy review.

Choice between three excess options, excluding travel, pet and windscreen which remain the same.

Fully flexible policy, add or remove risks or change the amount of cover at any time without admin charges.

No annual renewal, but your adviser will review your policy with you annually to make sure you are fully covered and make any required changed. The sums insured on which your premiums are calculated will also be reviewed to ensure they remain appropriate.

Any extended family members or household staff can be added to the desired risk cover.

You can add and remove risks easily with just a quick phone call, your monthly payments will then be adjusted accordingly.

Your quote is valid for 60 days and is based on an initial 12 month period.

You can start the cover of any of the risks before your general contents cover, but your general contents cover but be scheduled to start within 364 days of the policy commencing.

Full cover for all of your buildings, general contents, valuables, fine art, motors, holidays, pets and investment properties.

We will amend monthly payments to cover any fees as a result of cancelling your policy with your previous insurer.

You can arrange to start each risk cover at different times to suit you.

No minimum premiums, but contents cover is required as a minimum.

A choice of annual cover for veterinary fees.

Cover provided for all of your cats and dogs.

Your pets covered on holidays up to 60 days.

Protected No Claims Discount for all named drivers on a vehicle.

All classic cars insured.

No excess windscreen repairs.

Motor breakdown cover provided as standard in UK and Europe.

No claims discount provided for all named drivers.

Young drivers covered, and even build no claims discount as a named driver.

Wrong fuel? Tank drain and flush provided as standard.

You can alter and amend your policy to add or remove drivers with just a quick phone call.

Buildings cover provided on behalf of shared freeholders.

Cover provided for properties held in limited companies or in a trust.

Property owners legal protection cover included.

Tenants can make use of the home emergency line so you don’t need to get involved.

Worldwide contents cover as standard.

No need for any alarms, safes or special door and window locks.

Home emergency provided as standard – We’ll even give you £500 towards a new boiler if its unable to be repaired.

You can provide us with a list of your specified valuable items to save time.

All art, valuables and jewellery covered.

We cover both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

We cover all of your outbuildings and their contents.

We use expert data providers to profile your risk. If we are wrong it’s our problem not yours so you aren’t penalised in the wrong estimate of a claim.

Truly unlimited contents cover.

We’ll work out a fair rebuild value of your home for you.

A policy with no warranties.

Only items with a value over £20,000 need to be specified.