Keeping on top of all your different insurance policies can be a difficult task. Especially if you have different insurers for your contents, building, car insurance and so on. If this is something that affects you, you should consider a multi cover insurance policy. This will protect all your assets with one unified payment.

What is Multi Cover Insurance?

Multi Cover insurance or bundling insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers your various possessions. With this type of policy all your assets will be protected under one policy so you can make all your claims in one place. This type of cover can be helpful if you own multiple cars, a home with buildings and contents insurance and a pet, as it takes away the majority of your insurance admin work.

What are the benefits of Multi Cover Insurance

Savings on Premiums

The most obvious benefit from this type of policy is the potential for a lower overall insurance price. A study by InsureQuotes discovered that customers bundling insurance policies save on average 16.1% when combining car and home insurance. This can be a very substantial reduction to your total premiums, especially if you own multiple cars or properties.

Using a multi cover insurance service won’t affect all your no claims discount either. If one person needs to make a claim for one of the insured assets, your other policies won’t go up. This is the same with your no claims bonus, as the only price that may increase is the one in question. 

Ease of payment

If you have separate policies for your home and car insurance you understand how hard it can be to stay on top of all payments, renewal dates and so on. This becomes even harder when you own multiple cars or properties. 

With a multi cover insurance policy you only have one direct payment to one insurance company. This makes it an easy and convenient method of payment, giving you one less headache. Dealing with one company can also improve your customer service! It will be easier to add an additional car or home to your policy. It will also simplify making a claim as you only have one insurance broker to think about.


The payment of deductibles can also be simplified and often cheaper when using a multi cover policy. The benefit is that in the case something happens to two or more of your assets in one event you will only need to pay a single deductible. In the case of a fire or a storm you might need to claim both your car and your home. If your assets are insured with multiple insurance companies you will have to pay deductibles to all of them. This can be costly and long winded. If you use a multi cover policy all deductibles are paid in one place, saving you from contacting multiple insurers.

Optional Extras

Often when using multi cover insurance services insurers can offer added services to the ones you already have. If you spend a lot of time travelling overseas or you have pets that are insured these services can be added to your home and car insurance. This gives customers an insurance bundle that is curated specifically for their needs.

Are you Ready For Multi Cover Insurance?

Multi cover insurance can be very helpful to a lot of people trying to save money with their various unavoidable expenses. Whether you are looking for multi car discounts or you would like an all in one insurance policy Three Castles are here to help. We offer multicover insurance policies tailormade for you. All your payments can be in at the same time, removing the stress of policy renewal dates or any other admin.

Follow the link to find out more about Three Castles approach to multi car insurance or our multi home insurance and start saving time and money on your insurance.

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